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Phenolic moulding



Color: Black

Characteristic and usage

Based on phenolic resin with glass fibre reinforced, mineral filler and other additives, the product is processed into thermosetting plastics. It is suitable for injection process and transfer process. It gained UL label. It has good mechanic properties and dimensional stability. It is mainly used for making insulating structures which have requirements for heat resistance, impact resistance. The product is in granular form

Technological property(See following table)


Notes: 1,The indexes of fluidity (Raschig) and shrinkage are determined by the seller and buyer. They are only for reference.2, Test specimens for determination are compression molded. 3, Data in the table are determined according to ISO 14526-2 ,Test of flammability and Arc resistance performance level category are determined according to UL94 and ASTM D495 respectively

Moulding condition for COMPRESSION( for reference )


Notes:  After moulding material is preheated, must join the mould 2-10 second then exhaust  air in mould to add again to press

 Molding condition for INJECTION(for reference)


Package and storage

The products should be packed in moisture-proof liner bags to keep dry; the net weight of product is 25kgs.  On bag, the type, batch number, weight and manufacture date of product should be marked

The products should be prevented from moisture and heat.  They should be stored in cool and dry warehouse.  They should be kept away form fire, warm air and sunlight.  The product storage life is one year.  If the products are out of the storage limit, the another tests should be done, and then the qualified products still can be used

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