SP۱۳۹۸/۱/۲۵ ۸:۲۲:۳۸
Rubber Antioxidant SP

Chemical name: Styrenated Phenols



Item Standard
Appearance Light yellow transparent stickiness liquid
Chroma, ≤ ۲
Density (۲۵°C), g/ml ۱.۰۷۵-۱.۰۸۸
Loss on heat (۱۰۵°C×۲h),%,m/m, ≤ ۱.۲۰
Viscosity Pa.s(25°C) ۳.۲-۵.۰
Refractive index(Dn25) ۱.۵۹۹۰-۱.۶۰۱۵

SP is a light yellow transparent stickiness liquid. SP-C, SP-W are gray-white powder which is adsorbed on mineral stuffing by SP and they are dissolved in alohol acetone, benrol, ether and etc organic dissolvent, it is bit dissolved in water

۱, non-pollution rubber anti-ager for SBR, CR, ethylene propylene rubber and natural rubbe, dosage 0.5-3.0 portion ۲, antioxidant for polyolefine and polyformaldehyde, dosage is 0.01-0.5 portion

:Packing & Storage
galvanized metal pail , 200kg. Far away from fire, insolation, knock, water and impurities.Stored in cool dry & airiness place

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