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Ayrick Tejarat Asia Trade Engineering Company( Aytaco )

Ayrick Tejarat Asia Trade Engineering CO. has started as an international trading company supplying polymer and chemical raw materials for the rubber, plastic, Bakelite, adhesive, paint and resin industries.

Ayrick Tejarat Asia Trade Engineering CO. is not only a specialized supplier of raw materials but also provides innovative solutions to solve the customer's polymer problems.

Raw materials supplied by the company for rubber, adhesives, paints and resins:

Includes types of rubber, curing materials, accelerators, types of oils, antioxidants, types of carbon blacks, types of resins, fillers, etc.

And for the plastics industry:

Includes engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and Bakelite types.

Ayrick Tejarat Asia Trade Engineering CO. announces its readiness to conclude contracts with respected manufacturers for timely delivery of raw materials with reasonable delivery and reasonable prices, relying on its scientific and commercial capability as well as full knowledge of the domestic and foreign markets.

Ayrick Tejarat Asia Trade Engineering CO. believes that as a credible business partner, it will be able to build trust and develop long-term partnerships with its target audiences.

These are just a few of the products offered by the company that you can read more about in the products section.

According to the mission statement of Ayrick Tejarat Asia Trade Engineering CO., establishing, maintaining and developing long-term relationships with all customers is possible only on the basis of honesty, customer satisfaction and mutual respect.

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