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Natural rubber (NR) is produced from latex from rubber trees in the fields. The most important forms in which NR is processed are sheets, crops, rubber blocks and latex concentrates.

Processed natural rubber (NR) is a significant improvement in the delivery of dry natural rubber.

Two types of rubber sheets are manufactured internationally, namely Ribbed smoke sheets (RSS) and air dried sheets (ADS). Among these two types, the Ribber sheet is the most popular and available for consumption. There are different grades of Ribbed smoked sheets, namely RSS IX, RSS 1, RSS 2, RSS 3, RSS 4 and RSS 5.

Although synthetic rubber (SR) variants are available, demand for natural rubber (NR) is always high. Some of the final products made from natural rubber are as follows:

conveyor belt
Rubber mats
Auto Parts
Rubber Intermediates
Coating materials
Surgical gloves

Industrial gloves
Elastic thread
Rubber foam
Fiber foam
Carpet Backing
Rubber band


RSS 1 refers to Ribbed smoked sheets, made from natural rubber latex as ribbed sheets, with coagulants of acids and sheets, with dry and smoked air.

Ribbed smoked sheets (RSS) are classified on the basis of a visual evaluation of quality. The International Rubber Quality and Packaging Conference (IRQPC) has set out the grades to determine acceptable grades for commercial use.


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