Fam Carbon Black

Fam Carbon Black۱۳۹۸/۱/۲۹ ۶:۰۴:۳۷


1. Hard Grades


Provides high wear resistance. High tensile strength and good tear resistance. It has moderate electrical conductivity. Used in truck tires, buses, and mechanical vehicles.


Provides extremely high wear resistance. It has a high structure and in elastomers and in mixtures SBR/SR Has application.


This grade has low structure, high strength and high tensile strength, is very resistant to rupture and breakage in the rubber compound. For mechanical purposes, the main body of the tire, belt and belt is used and in the tire of road vehicles.


It has good abrasion resistance with high elasticity and is resistant to tensile and tear. It is widely used both in synthetic rubber and in natural rubber and in tires and mechanical devices.


It has excellent abrasion resistance. It has a high structure and is used in tires for passenger cars and mechanical vehicles.


It is very similar to Grade 339 in terms of properties. It has high reinforcement and high hardness factor and excellent process capability and is used in the tire industry to manufacture intermediate tire layers.

2. Soft Grades


It has moderate wear resistance. It has high strength, volume loss (shrinkage) and low inflation after molding. Has a relatively high elasticity. It is used in the main body of tires, in adhesives, in pipes, in cables and in some other cases.


It has moderate strength properties. a carbon black with a lot of use is common. It produces little heat in the tire and is used in all elastomers.


The properties of this grade are similar to the grade N-764 But it is different in use and also used in the main body of the tire.

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